About Us

Community Presbyterian Church of Deerfield Beach, Florida was established in the late 1940’s along the then quiet southeast coast of Florida.

A small rectangular worship building was built on the island beside the beach. God worked through the Presbyterian Church, a small number of devoted Christian leaders and a few families to plant and grow the church.

By 1970 the congregation ballooned to nearly 1,000 members and established fine worship and educational facilities still enjoyed today.

  • Our sanctuary offers the feel of a large church. It seats 500 easily and is adorned with a tastefully lighted cross and high ceilings. The setting provides terrific acoustics for proclamation of the Word, for vocals, for the grand piano and for one of south Florida’s most powerful pipe organs.
  • Our intimate chapel seats 90 and provides the quiet simple ambiance of a small church.
  • Briggs Hall, the site of original worship services at the church in the early years, provides a terrific casual informal setting for church activities and fellowship.

Church offices, the Montessori Christian Pre-school, and the Prime-Timers Christian Senior program all co-exist in the Christian Education Center.  We are now redeveloping ministries for and with young families.  We also host a Brazilian congregation and many community groups utilize meeting space at the church during the week.

Because we are a community church, we provide on our website a few links to other community resources (community links) for your convenience.

Today we are a small church in terms of numbers; roughly 75 active members and about an equal number of affiliate members and friends, but we are diverse, dynamic and large as ever in the felt Spirit of renewal.

The church now finds itself in a world that is often neither quiet nor tranquil.  Southeast Florida is rich in multicultural diversity and rich therefore in challenges.

God understands and beckons us to stand with Christ, to honor the Reformed Tradition relying on God’s Holy Spirit and Holy Scripture to guide our voices and steps.  We struggle, strive and succeed in Christian fellowship by God’s grace.

We are part of the Presbyterian Church USA family of churches and a member congregation of  Tropical Presbytery of Florida.  We have linked these respective websites on our homepage as a resource for you to better see who we are, why we are here and why you should join us!

We stand with our PCUSA brothers and sisters in Christ in the creedal, confessional and theological statements of faith made by the church…….

Our website will provide you the basics about worship, weddings, incarnational mission, the path to membership and discipleship in and through the church.

Another great way to find out about us is to become our FACEBOOK friend!  Yes we are utilizing and developing social media tools to communicate with the world.  The best way, however, to find out about us is to contact us, visit us in person and worship with us.

What do you need to know about us?  We are fun-loving people pursuing the dream and potential of the church Christ leads.  If you are looking for Christian fellowship, a community church for all the ages then choose a worship service that fits your taste and come!

Find your potential, live your dream and love your God here!!!

Community Presbyterian Church | 1920 Southeast 4th Street | Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 | (954) 427-0222