Action Teams

Fellowship Team

The aim of the fellowship team is to practice outrageous hospitality among the fellowship of the congregation.  This group includes greeting and outreach to first time visitors, fellowship immediately following worship and special meals of celebration in the worship and service life of the church and its members.

Great Commission Team

This dynamic team combines evangelism and mission advancing incarnational ministry at the church.  Members of the church facilitate and do God’s work in the world locally and globally.   In Christ’s name reconnecting with local mission, identifying special needs, working with PCUSA to reestablish a personal missionary relationship are among the exciting works of our Great Commission Team.

New Disciples Team

This team is chaired by our minister and is aimed at adding to the number of disciples serving Christ through this congregation.  Recruiting, preparing and adding new members to the church and assimilating new members into the life, worship, and service of the church is the central purpose of this team.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team is coordinated by our Deacons and consists of both ordained and non ordained prayer warriors.  The biblical instruction for us to pray is clear and so we do.  We aspire to be a prayerful church.

In addition to personal prayers, corporate prayers during worship; prayers of confession, thanksgiving, prayers for wholeness and healing, prayers for direction, prayers to meet special challenges in the life of the church and its members, in addition to regular prayer for people who are yet to know the Gospel, our Prayer team additionally focuses on our (1) Prayer Chain and (2) Prayer after Worship.

The church has for many years continued the Christian tradition of a prayer chain.  Members and friends of the church who desire special prayers are encouraged to request prayer through the church office or directly to the Prayer Chain coordinator.  Prayer request particulars are communicated exclusively to our prayer chain participants who in turn pray for the person and or situation in need of special prayer.

Our Deacons are also working to establish the regular opportunity for private prayer by worshippers who feel the need for prayer immediately following worship.   Immediately following worship is occasionally a time when people may feel the need to pray with someone for either themselves or for someone else.  We aim to fill this void.  The opportunity to confidentially pray with another Christian in the church is an important aspect of the life of the church.  It is a great privilege and it can fill a great need.

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